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How to prepare pdf or ps file
Manuscripts containing complicated formatting (mathematic formulae, tables, graphics or graphs) should be supplied as prn, ps or pdf files to ensure that it will be printed correctly.


To convert Word or other text document to ps file you have to:
  1. Install one of the printer drivers from the list below:
    - Xerox Document Centre 240 PS
    - Xerox Document Centre 255 PS
    - Xerox Document Centre 265 PS
    - Xerox Document Centre 460 PS
    - Xerox Document Centre 470 PS
    - Xerox Document Centre 480 PS
    - Xerox Document Centre 490 PS
    - Xerox DC 240/255/265 DocuTech PS
    - HP 2500C Series PS3
    - HP LaserJet 8000 Series PS (does not support A6 format)

    All above drivers are included in WindowsXP.
    During installation on the "Local or Network Printer" screen, select "Local printer attached to this computer" and uncheck "Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer". On the "Select a Printer Port" screen, select "Use the following port" and select "FILE: (Print to File)" from the drop-down list.
  2. Open yout text file, select File > Print and from the drop-down list select the printer installed.
  3. In the "Print" window select Properties > Advanced. Look for "True Type Font" in the "Graphic" section and change "Substitute with Device Font" to "Download as Soft Font".
  4. In the resulting file change the file extension from prn to ps.


You can convert your text directly to pdf using Acrobat Distiller or the following freeware:
Using other freeware applications is not recommended - they usually do not embed fonts and graphics correctly.
Zakręty przyjaźni
Zakręty przyjaźni
Iga Koczorowska

Book was mentioned in the "Shape" monthly (no 12, December 2007)
Krew i ogień
Krew i ogień
Alf Soczyński

Book reviews
- in "Kurier Brzeski" no 32 from 10.09 and in Breslau "Gazeta Południowa" no 9 from 16 September
- in AKANT literary magazine, December 2009
- "Wiadomości Wąbrzeskie" weekly from 5 February 2010
- "Extra Powiśle" weekly from 12 February 2010
Leonia (własc. Helena Buchner)

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Jestem jedną z nich...
Jestem jedną z nich...
Katarzyna Wysocka
Wielka księga Tao
Wielka księga Tao
Lao-tsy, przekład Jarosław Zawadzki
O kinie wartościowym
O kinie wartościowym
Sławomir Wasiński
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