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Capitalism or Capitalisms?
Capitalism or Capitalisms?
Jacek Tittenbrun (Ed.)
Publisher:My Book
Size, pages: B5 (170 x 240 mm), 215 pages
Book cover: soft
Publication date:  April 2009
Category: Economics, Business, Law
59.00 zł
    Capitalism or Capitalisms? is a collective volume comprised of essays written by international scholars and edited by Polish professor of sociology Jacek Tittenbrun. Capitalism is the dominant economic system today. This assertion is only seemingly self-evident, however. Is there just one single capitalism, or are there rather many capitalist systems? What are the defining features of these various capitalist systems? Can any convergence between them be observed? All these questions are examined by the authors of consecutive chapters who take under consideration not only highly developed countries but also transition societies such as China or Poland to which one case study is devoted.
    Furthermore, in the book both various forms or models of contemporary capitalism, and not only theoretical but real, empirical alternatives to the dominant socioeconomic system are investigated.
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