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Chinese Hunting
Chinese Hunting
Anni Kylemehr
Wydawca:My Book
Format, stron: A5 (148 x 210 mm), 154 str.
Rodzaj okładki: miękka
Data wydania:  czerwiec 2004
Kategoria: powieść
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He jumped on his feet. It was starting to irritate him. It would require more then he expected to arrest her. But then hitting a woman was not something he was used to. In fact he had never hit a woman. But this was no woman, this was Kalina and he should treat her as such.
He ran toward her, and just before he got to her he turned, sparring and tried to kick her with his left leg. She managed to fend off and replied with a hit at his ribs, while he was turning on his right leg back to face her. He replied with an attack of ridge of opened hand on her neck; she fend it off too, he placed his right foot in front of her left, and repeated the hit. She almost tripped on his foot, but somehow managed to regain balance, using his trick against him and adding a blow at his stomach. Then she ran toward the door. He followed her, hoping she would not escape.
The only way out of the hall was blocked by policemen fighting against Takumi's people. Czech were not in good shape - most of Takumi's men were martial artists, while Czech were just ordinary cops, who were getting strong kicks. Chang noticed Takumi himself was nowhere to be seen.
Kalina ran toward the other room with a small window. He followed her.
She was already climbing up to the window when he arrived there. He ran to her and pulled her down. She tried to set her free, but his grip was strong. He reached to back of his belt and took cuffs, but before he had a chance to use them she turned around, sliding out of his hand. She ran toward the door, but he tripped her up. She did not fall; she managed to grab some box and quickly was back on her feet. This time she was between him and the door. He cuffed his left hand and ran toward her. She quickly turned and ran toward the door. He jumped, took off the wall and jumped on her, landing with his feet on her back. She fell on the floor and he moved weight of his body to the side not to smash her. He landed next to her and before she could get up he cuffed her left hand too. Now he could be sure she would not escape, unless she would tear his arm off.
She made a stifled and angry sound and rapidly rose, pulling his hand. He felt a pain tearing his shoulder - well, maybe it was not such a good idea. She ran around him, twisting his arm and making the pain worse. He jumped up, turning at the same time to straighten his arm and then strongly kicked her. He was getting really angry. He could easily beat her, so why could he not? She did not manage to fend off his kick, nor another one and another. She just kept going back, unable to move farther then to length of their arms, getting kicks on legs and stomach.
When she fell down he knew she had enough. With the free hand he took his police card and showed it to her.
"You are under arrest under authority of People's Republic of China," he said.
At that time he noticed the noises out side were gone - obviously the battle between Takumi's people and Czech police forces was finished.
In that complete quiet Kalina slowly moved her hand. Chang waited with all his nerves like strings; what she was up to this time.
And she slowly moved her hand behind. He expected her to retrieve some knife or something and cut his cuffed hand, but he was totally wrong. She took something that looked very familiar to his police card, opened it and showed him.
"Interpol," she said.
He slowly took the card and read it: Weronika Hryniewiecka. Lieutenant. International Police.
He looked at her and a disgusted look on his face.
"So what was this whole fight for?" he asked.
"May you let me go?" she asked.
He took keys and uncuffed them. She rubbed her wrist, while he still could feel tearing pain in his shoulder after twisting his arm.
"Well?" he asked.
She took of the cloth from her head and slowly got up.
"You ruined my trap," she said.
"I? You, you ruined my trap! Where is Kalina?"
"In German jail. And where is Takumi?"
"Jail. She's in jail? Why didn't I know anything about it? What didn't Czech know anything about it? For how long she's there?"
"Three months," she said calmly. "And it was kept in deep secret so I could come here disguised as her and arrest Takumi. Thank you very much for making it impossible. What's your name anyway?"
"Well, mr. Chang. Thank you for a good fight, I am going to heal my ribs and start my, fruitless so far, hunting from the scratch."
She turned toward the door and slowly moved toward it.
"Wait," he called.
She stopped.
"What?" she asked not turning to face him.
"I'd like to talk to Kalina."
"You have no authorization. Go back to China and leave the real work to us."
She resumed her walk, but he ran to her, rounded her and stood on her way.
"No, it will not go away so easily. I want to talk to her. I was sent here to arrest her, but since I cannot do it then I want at least to talk to her."
"And who are you to issue demands, hm?" she stopped and looked at him. She was about 5 centimetres taller. "You ruined a plan that was in preparations for months and now demand something!"
"And you think I came up with an idea of arresting Kalina yesterday, right?"
"Look, Slantedyes, do not piss me off!!!"
"Look, whitie, you do not make me angry!"
"Dupek," she muttered in Polish and went round him to the door.
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